Data Analyst

Md. Shahariar Alom

Young Data Analyst skilled in predictive modeling and data visualization, with proficiency in WordPress development and content management.


Md. Shahariar Alom is a skilled professional with a passion for data and quantitative analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithms. With a keen eye for detail, he excels in data visualization and demonstrates a profound understanding of technical documentation. His expertise extends to deep learning annotation and critical dataset operations, showcasing his proficiency in managing complex data sets with precision.

Combining his technical prowess with effective communication and presentation skills, Shahariar is adept at articulating intricate concepts in a clear and concise manner. His problem-solving abilities are evident in his approach to resolving complex challenges within the realm of data analysis and interpretation. Proficient in MySQL and PowerBI, he has a robust grasp of data management systems, enabling him to handle intricate data structures with ease.

Beyond his core competencies, Shahariar possesses supplementary skills in video editing, WordPress development, and social media advertisement. He also boasts a foundational understanding of MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as basic proficiency in graphics design. Skilled in social media and website management, Shahariar combines his technical acumen with creative insight, making him a well-rounded professional capable of navigating diverse projects with finesse.

Professional Skills

Data and Quantitative Analysis 80%
Predictive Modeling 95%
Machine Learning Algorithms 89%
Data Visualization 90%
Understanding of technical documentation 84%
MySQL 95%
PowerBI 75%
Graphics Design 55%